I’m Not Going To Be Cynical

Because I’ve seen too much of that shit before…

I write four regular internet columns – three of them are daily affairs and one broadcasts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A fifth one is quarterly, but is published in a printed magazine as well as on-line. Thus, I can be honestly said to be a modern fifth columnist, without being a danger to society.

Of course, like any decent citizen, I wish to subvert the government and rage mindlessly through the streets spreading havoc. Being harmless is very unsatisfying…being kindly and helpful is gall to my tongue. I long to chase Pollyanna with a bayonet. But life in a peace loving free country being what it is, I am restricted.

To relieve some of the pressure of unremitting goodness I intend to host a biweekly morning meeting of desperate conspirators at my studio. Coffee and cakes will be served and the character of mutual acquaintances will be assassinated. The chief task will be to who select participates…a level of humour is required, as well as the desire for troublemaking.

If your ears burn of a Wednesday fortnight, it might not be fungus.

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