Type Then Trash

Then delete permanently. The modern version of a steam boiler’s overpressure valve.

An irritating visit from a very distant relative once called for all my patience. As a host I was bound by the laws of hospitality…laws of which he was apparently unaware. It was a salutary lesson to me for when I am in other homes.

And for me at my own home. Infuriated at his lack of manners, I resorted to this computer when he left, and wrote a bitter little article on how to behave. After perfecting it, I re-read it and then trashed it. The moment of irritation had passed and there was no point in making a permanent thing of it.

Very useful when you need to vent…but even better would be the ability to maintain such a degree of tranquillity as to fail to notice the thing in the first place. This must become my goal in the future.

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