Pure Lead

As opposed to pure gold. I’m afraid the campaign advertising agency for one political party in our upcoming election have secured an unflattering image of the opposing party’s Prime Ministerial candidate.

It is nothing new. The opposing party – indeed all the opposing parties within their own agencies have images of the current Prime Minister looking grim, or foolish, or disreputable as well. The occasions upon which they were originally photographed probably bear no blame whatsoever – but a bad camera angle or a harsh light has made the faces look so. And of course, there is always Photoshop to add kilos and subtract IQ points at the stroke of a mouse.

No-one is immune from being depicted as looking horrible, just as no-one is debarred from the sort of re-touching and flattery that make them look angelic. Unfortunately many voters are swayed by appearances and go no further than the caricatures put on the handbills.

I think the leader of the opposition has been dealt a blow by his unfortunate resemblance to W.C. Fields in the role of Larson E. Whipsnade. He cannot avoid press photographers, but if he does anything in the coming few weeks, he must make a strict rule to avoid bow ties and straw boater hats.

Whether he can avoid appearing on stage with children, animals, or Mae West is another matter. His image managers would do well to be careful.

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