What DO You Believe?

Not religiously – I mean believe in news reports. You’ll get ’em every day or every hour or every minute, and you’ll need to decide which are lies, which are bushwah, and which are hokum.

But what about truth? That’s three versions of dishonesty and we need some counterbalance in purity and such. Well, you might hope for it, but you may never see it.

Think about how information reaches you :

a. You see it and hear it first-hand. You experience the earth tremor or wind storm or whatever yourself. No-one interposes between you and experience. This is as close to the truth as you’ll ever get.

b. Everything else.

Whether you see it on a screen, hear it over a speaker, read it on a page, or have it shouted in your ear, someone else is showing and shouting. They’ll tell you what they want you to believe. They may be totally honest*, or they may be a Queensland minister for roads, or anything in between.

Your ability to tell truth from lies depends on your own previous experience and that’s skewed by your own hopes, fears, prejudices, and sense of morals. The only people who can believe all they are told are those with no minds of their own.

So settle back in the comfy chair and turn on the live news stream from whomever you support. They will tell you what you want to hear. All you need do is follow them blindly. It’s the decent/indecent thing to do.

* Too many words. Honest is an on/off switch.

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