Never Revisit Your Old Social Battlegrounds

For you can be saddened with the remembrance of both victory and defeat. Worse…you may find that the battle was just interrupted – not finished.

The amount of unexploded arguments that may be lying around make for danger as well. You never can tell when your foot may kick up another one and it will go off. Things can smoulder for an awfully long time.

Of course you can always start a new fight…nothing easier than dialling up your favourite social network and replying to some incendiary post. Really whether you agree or disagree with the original sentiment makes no difference at all. Someone will be incensed or offended and you can brew up a nasty exchange with a simple four-letter word. Experienced trolls can do it with one emoticon, and it need not be the nasty ones.

Don’t limit yourself to arguments that you feel are just or correct, or that you feel will be successful. Launch yourself out there like a plague of sewer rats anyway, and you’ll be surprised at how many people are prepared to look like fools along with you. Just give them a chance to say something that they couldn’t get away with at the dinner table, and they’ll pipe right up.

Always remember that you can run away from a battlefield or an argument. Few will follow.

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