Community Service Announcement

And boy, are we ever going to serve you. We’re going to serve you right…

I listen to the old-folks radio station of an evening…it has music and news and the occasional embarrassing silence when the announcer is out of the studio booth for a pee and the record finishes. All of the announcers are volunteers and some of them are worth every penny they are not paid. I have patience, however, and eventually they find the CD or button they are looking for and the station lurches into action again.

The ethnic broadcasting station is smoother, though their speakers are probably not paid either. They have pre-recorded programs that can be dropped into the breech and fired from a distance with a lanyard. Occasionally they broadcast what may well be propaganda speeches by foreign politicians or religious spiels by defrocked divines, but I assume the people who understand the languages want to hear them. I stay tuned for the German songs and the African music. When you are stuck in traffic the little thumb piano music makes it all a lot more fun.

I did try to listen to the youth radio station but the language was too much for me. I do swear myself, but not as punctuation.

And the cool university radio with the cool university students is just a little too cool for me. I used to be a volunteer there myself, but the last 50 years has seen my cool heat up. I am now lukewarm.

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