Using Memes To Belittle Your Enemies – A BGA Manual

a. Identify your enemies. They may be a nation, a race, a sex, or adherents of a religion – it doesn’t matter what combination of these factors exists. The only commonality is that they must be different from you.

If you target yourself it is a cry for help and none is available.

b. Decide whether you will rail against your enemy or mock them. The first works instantly but the second is more effective – particularly if you disguise your malice with a friendly smile.

c. Choose your platform. The modern social media sites of Twitter, Facebook, and such are perfect for the purpose but you must learn their limitations. If you go too far you may be blocked from using them.

d. Remember you are being monitored by security services – often with automatic word and word-pattern recognition. If you commit offences on the internet you may be visited with legal consequences by legal practitioners. Or perhaps illegal practitioners, as it happens…

e. All that said, mock away. Very little mocking attracts legal sanction. Blatant or subtle, nasty humour will entertain the audience whilst biasing them to your point of view. If you strike gold and the thing is repeated endlessly, you have had a free strike.

f. Distance yourself from any responsibility for the nastiness by saying that some of your best friends are the people you have attacked. No-one ever checks to see who your best friends are.

g. Scream like a gut-shot mule when someone does to you precisely what you have done to them. Then accuse them of hypocrisy…

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