The Oldest Living Dressing Table

The world’s oldest living dressing table was found in a forest in South-East Uruguay by the English rugby tailor Lord Patmagroin in 1867. It has since been featured on Eurovision, though it never made it past the semi-finals. Russian interference is suspected. By the Russians…

And so it goes; the daily flood of little snippets of misinformation that are attached to our YouTube clips and Facebook posts. We see them in the side-bar and if we are fools we click on them – thereby giving them the life that we would deny to any other organism. Someone else makes the ridiculous post but we breathe our essence into it. Live, my creature…

In truth we should be ashamed of googling shit or ” educating ” ourselves with propaganda. Older generations were able to see the difference between truth and flapdoodle, and we should be as capable as they were. Unfortunately we are not – we mistake electronic bullshit for immediate truth and cede one more portion of our credibility every time we click further.

Think, now. With every re-direction to another flimflam site, you move further into the mental crayfish trap, and are just that little less able to see clearly. If you did not start out to be a fool, you will still end up one.

What to do?

DO NOT click further where directed. Your guide never has your good as a goal – only theirs. Close the window. Turn off the computer. Go read a book, or weed the garden, or do the dishes. You will be wiser, saner, and better off.

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