You Want To Play Colours, WordPress?

Some years ago, when there was going to be a referendum in Australia about same-sex marriage, you took to putting a rainbow spectrum on the top of all the posts that went out on your platform.

It was probably completely legal, and possibly moral as well. But it forced everyone using your platform to make an unconscious political statement whether they would or no. I put up a disclaimer at the time and have steadfastly refused to discuss the topic since. The referendum went ahead, laws were changed, and people who were otherwise not married then proceeded to the ceremony. All those who I know who did so got my hearty congratulations and have settled down to their marriages unremarked. There may be some horrid fights going on, but I can’t hear them.

Now we have another circumstance of the world – war and invasion in Ukraina. I shall be interested to watch your page to see if we see the blue and yellow colours displayed. The cynical part of me says it will not happen…but you can still restore my faith in your ethics in the next few days.

In the meantime, please feel free to copy the two hues in the heading image of this post. They should be close to the real thing.

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