What Is It About Stationery?

I went to the local warehouse stationers – Officeworks – for one item. I came out with five. Four I had no idea I needed, but now they are home, I cannot live without them.

It is as bad in the hardware store or the auto accessories place. The electronics DIY shop always means expenditure – i have learned to look away when I pass it by.

Yet, I am focussed and selective in the hobby shop – where you would expect me to run riot – and I can walk into a supermarket for milk and come out with milk. If I visit the booze shop I get what is needed but do not exit with an armload.

Why should ballpoint pens and notebooks exert such a powerful influence? Is it because they are happy reminders of first days at school? Or equally happy memories of the office in my childhood home?

Whatever, I stopped myself today from buying another fountain pen that matches another ballpoint I own. I’ll give in next time.

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