Go To Your Underwear And Sock Drawer

Count the number of pairs of socks and the number of sets of underwear there. Be honest – count only clean garments comprised of more cloth than hole.

If you find 7 sets you are a rich person – you have a whole week ahead of you during which you need not be smelly or itchy. A whole week in which you can present yourself to the world as a civilised person.

If you find 21 sets – and that is possible – you are wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. Unca Scrooge McDuck should have been so lucky. He just had money – you have underwear.

Step out of the shower in the morning, put on your clean clothes, and sit down to breakfast. There is no need to be ashamed of feeling good at this time of the day. In fact, if you play it right, you can repeat the sensation at the end – dinner in a clean and happy house is a great reward for a day well-lived.

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