Fishing On The South Coast Of The Northern Territory

Are you often invited to invest in sure-fire ventures that will return ten times your money in record time. If you are a social media user they’ll come thick and fast as soon as you click on anything.

You may be tempted to regard this sort of advertisements as complete garbage. My advice to you is to give in to this temptation at once…then send off money to get in on the ground floor. This has the advantage that when the thing is revealed as a criminal venture of the worst sort, you’ll be closest to the door and can bolt for it.

The e-scam is a wonderful opportunity to get back to your roots. If you cannot get to a three-card monte game in an alleyway, the internet will bring it to you. All you need to do is click the mouse or poke the screen and all your worries will be over. Trained professionals are standing by to stand over you in many different languages. The e-scammers are not prejudiced or bigoted – they will steal from anyone on an even basis. You need not ride at the back of the bus as it goes over the cliff.

The simple answer is always to do business face-to-face with a real human in a firm that has its own bricks and mortar premises. Pay only insignificant sums as deposits or partial payments, and only upon sight of the actual goods you are buying. Pay cash or cheque and get a written receipt. Determine the name of the person who deals with you and write it down. You may still be treated badly or swindled of small sums of money, but you will know where to rain merry hellfire if it happens, and upon whom.

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