How To Appear To Be A Gentleman

Yes, you read that correctly. Before you swell up like a virtuous bullfrog, read on…

a. Treat people in a kindly fashion.

b. Be polite.

c. Be honest in all you do.

d. Dress appropriately and keep yourself clean.

e. Keep your opinions to yourself.

Now the foregoing may not be all that need be done – there was an entire code of etiquette that governed the manners of a gentleman – but it covers the major items. If you pursue it, whether your contact is with ladies or other gentlemen, you will create in them the idea that you may possibly be a gentleman yourself.

Once you have established a railway of good manners, you may go off it whenever the situation requires. No-one will expect the crash beforehand and few will blame you afterwards. Of course you lose some credit, but if you’ve built up a good balance beforehand you can still seem a good fellow.

There is always the chance that you will become so accustomed to being virtuous that you will fail to see opportunities to be otherwise and will end up permanently respected. It’s a small risk, but it is as well to be aware of it. If you find yourself running close to this danger, try to reserve a small portion of your day to do bad deeds.

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