Let A Little Old Lady Help You Across The Street

She needs a chance to do a good deed today as much as you do.

Sometimes the younger members of the community forget that older people can not only be relevant, but kind and helpful too. We can be right sods of course, but that is a matter for another post – right now we need to concentrate on our good points. Here’s a few:

a. We have seen it all before. We can recognise what is happening now and what will happen next because we saw it happen before you were born.

b. We have an innate desire for order and goodness. Our shitty side was some time ago. We have grown mellow.

c. We have both time to help and a sense of urgency about doing it.

d. We move slow. This may not seem good when you are behind us at the lights but it is perfect when you need someone to talk to.

e. We have money that is not needed for desperate debt. Just don’t try the old tricks to get it out of us. See ( a. ) above.

f. We need fewer things. Most of us have had them before and may have a lot of them left. We are fairly low maintenance.

g. We will not try to out-dress you in new fashions. We may look better in old ones.

h. We can cook and bake.

i. We are happy with conversation.

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