I Ought To Be Ashamed Of Yourself

Have you ever noticed that when someone tries to degrade you they generally reveal what they are ashamed of within themselves?

It happens all the time when a boss criticises an employee for not making money – for the boss – or a parent rails at a child for not getting good school marks – in subjects that they could never understand themselves.

I find myself doing it in my mind all the time when I see other people making the wrong moves on the road or when entering shops. We’re meant to register our movements to help Covid tracing but a great many people fail to do so. I do it with my mobile phone whenever necessary but I’ll bet there have been times when I’ve forgotten.

I do feel ashamed on occasions when I give way to anger or smarminess. The best that can be done about this is to keep it internal – but that probably takes a toll as well. I guess it’s only time and philosophical rigour that will reduce the frequency.

As far as being on the receiving end…well, as I wrote, it is diagnostic. You can note it down on a person’s specification sheet. Whether you use it in the future is up to you.

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