” Guild Approved “

I wish to throw my whole-hearted support, and the support of the Backstabbers Guild Of Australia, behind the Officeworks stationery firm. This progressive and honourable firm is doing an absolutely splendid job.

I have come to this conclusion upon receiving an advertising flyer in our post box today. I normally bin these without a glance but some instinct led me to flick through it. It is a Back-to-School special and has all that a student could need.

And right there in the middle between book bags and and pocket dictionaries was the most wonderful BGA-Approved product: an inexpensive plastic recorder.

$ 5.97! Can you believe it? How is this possible? What bliss.

Just think – for less than the price of a beer you can give all of your friends who have children the gift of music! If they have more than one little tyke they can have duets. And there is no problem with batteries or cords – these little beauties make music at any time of the day or night – all day and night if the children wish.

I think I owe it to my sense of virtuosity, if not virtue, to give one of these recorders to any number of pre and primary school children. Who knows – I may make a Mendelssohn or a Mozart.

Or a Machine Gun Jack McGurn. We can but hope.

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