The FCC Wants To Talk To You…

That’s Facebook Central Command – not the Federal Communications Commission. The big dog on the block.

I frequently post items of a humorous nature on Facebook; at least they are humorous to me. Sometimes that are accompanied by images taken in my studio. In most cases they are displayed without question by Facebook. But in some instances they get that blank rectangle and a note that the image may be of someone doing something.

Should that someone be defusing a 500Kg German bomb while dressed in a thong bikini, I can understand the social media giant being nervous. Thong bikinis make me nervous ( and they itch something awful ). But when I see the blank screen of confusion for an image that has already been displayed for days, I start to wonder what the control panel at the FCC is really like and who is pushing the buttons.

Hopefully none of them have current application forms in for employment at Cheyenne Mountain.

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