Forgotten Freedom

There is a great deal of talk about freedom all the time. Politics breeds it, as does commerce, academia, and public health. The talk, I mean…not the freedom.

In fact, the more talk there is, the less freedom…and it certainly impacts on our ability to sit tranquilly by ourselves. This is where the blessing of forgetfulness comes in…and it comes in at some interesting moments. One of these can be the holiday season around the end of the year.

We all have circles of acquaintance that we’ve forged around ourselves. Some are small – some large. Some are augmented so many times that we come to believe that this is the only transaction that can occur; always expanding. Yet there are times when this is reversed…our circle contracts as people disappear from it. Sometimes it is we who vanish.

This need not be drastic. We don’t actually go up in a puff of smoke. We are just not remembered any more. Not included in the group. Not sent the invitation. For some it is a cruel fate…yet it need not be so. Sometimes it can be the door to a real freedom.

If we look back when this occurs we may start to grieve or regret. We have lost something, and worse than the loss is the realisation that no-one cares. I have dreams like these and they are sad affairs. But a small change in my own attitude can make all the difference. If I have been forgotten I have been freed. Free from past obligation and free to explore new things.

I think the Japanese people are probably the world experts on obligation and duty and I’ll bet there are many times when they would welcome being freed from their cultural yoke. Being forgotten and no longer required to be culpable would be a blessing for many…not a curse.

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