I Refuse To Review The Year Repeatedly

It was a difficult enough time for the world, without having to chew it all up again.

My successes will leave as many traces as my failures so whatever remains after two or three more years will be fine. Trying to stack up the experiences thinking I am going to re-use them is just fooling myself. A year is a one-shot affair.

Now I am not blind or stupid. I recognise that there are things that should be remembered for good reasons…but I’ve found that the important things stick to the wall by themselves. I do not need to glue them on. The trivial fall away and need not be studied.

The same applies to many things – even to literature. Note that I am not sitting for examinations where rote learning is needed to regurgitate facts and figures. My homework is done for me, and not others. And there ain’t a lot of it, I can tell you.

Oh, I am busy every waking hour – but I am doing things I love, and the rewards are near-instantaneous. I do not need to wait for once-a-year results of other people’s judgement to know whether I have passed or failed. My successes and failures happen before my eyes. In the case of the latter it is best to shut them before the blast. It is hard enough cleaning the walls without trying to do it near-blinded.

Note to those who say it is all going to get better – you are correct. For those who say it will all get worse, you are also correct. Those of us who realise that it will all be the same are meeting down the bowling alley and are going to abide.

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