Stoke The Fire – Pile On The Coal

It’s Christmas time in the stoker’s hold.

Or so it would appear from the social media posts these last few days. Everyone has been running around warning that it will be hot. These warnings will make people apprehensive when it becomes hot.

The temperature will form the chief topic of conversation in any number of households – the fortunate ones will talk up the terrors of it all while under the air conditioner. The number maniacs will search old records for past hot days and try to make a league table of it all.

And it will make no difference at all to the actual conditions – just to the minds of the people who do it. Night will come and the temperature will fall and the holiday will drift into the past.

And then people can get ready in a few months to tell us to expect the coldest and wettest winter since records were first falsified. The real trick to weather tranquillity is to identify those people who take an interest in the topic and run away from them.

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