How Do You Fit In More Frugal Minimalism?

Answer: Pay more and get the complete multi-part simplicity set. And you can also get an expansion pack. You never can tell when you’ll need more of less.

And therein lies the problem for the modern frugalite; getting a big enough discount on the premium lifestyle. And getting it fast enough. Time is money and pain and suffering. The Swiss cuckoo clock factories need to speed up. 12 hours a day is more than enough on a mountainside.

I have a loose-leaf file with complete instructions on how to simplify my life. It was downloaded from a website and has 72 separate paragraphs with linked passages. I would laugh at this, except I am afraid that if I started I couldn’t stop.

I shall actually put one or two of the suggestions into effect to see if this is a good thing…I suspect it might be. Should I find joy and tranquillity rising I will gradually add more of the mixture. There is a time when minimalism becomes deprived posing and I’ll stop before I reach that point. My real goal with simplicity is to get to the stage where I can sing the old Shaker hymn with honesty.

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