How Do You Know When To Pull The Net Plug?

A recent email from a net financial system that I’ve used in the past set me wondering.

It asked me to supply my date of birth. Something that they should have known long ago – I did not do so directly, but went to the main website and through the complex chain of identification – including a text message back to me with a code word so that they could ostensibly reassure themselves that I was a genuine customer of theirs.

All the links checked through. And I sent my date of birth.

Then a second email asking me to confirm my address – again not changed. I stepped aside and sent a direct demand for assistance – posing the question of why a second email was sent – again a complex chain of identity confirmation and a direct message from an assistant there that the second email was probably a mistake.

I am seriously considering whether the financial transfer service is necessary – or whether it is one more pathway of information search that can be closed permanently. Before someone diverts the thing in a malicious way…

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