We Couldn’t Think Of A Game

So what’s your bank account number, anyway?

People think it’s all glamour and good times in the hacking business – they see advertisements for ways of thwarting us and we’re portrayed guzzling champagne or eating big steaks. We’re drawn as criminal masterminds. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hacking is a job and we’re just the same stupid people that we hope you are. We’re in the office 8 hours a day trying to think up questions to ask on social media to get your personal details…and it’s no fun. We really don’t care what food you used to wear on your first airplane ride. It is just a piece of information we need to sell to the people who empty bank accounts.

Actually, that’s not really true. They don’t empty bank accounts. They charge $ 45.98 to some vaguely plausible internet account and hope that you don’t look at your credit card statement anyway. Wholesale looting would draw attention and the wrath of bigger criminals. The sort who cut things off, and not just the gas supply.

Think of us as a charity – an unwilling one, mind, but nevertheless good for your soul. Giving us that 50 bucks could mean a lot in your next life. It could mean a lot in the current one, too, if you were a damn sight smarter with your money than we suspect you aren’t.

Look, would a cat picture make you cough up a 20?

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