Masquerade or Lemonade?

What’s in this glass, anyway?

I recently reduced my Facebook contacts list by one and then took time to reflect on the thing – the list, I mean. I looked down it at the people who are left and decided that they are a pretty decent bunch. So no more editing.

But why do some of them carry a false name? The name they are listed under is not the one they give when they front up to the registrar’s desk on election day. And they certainly had better not try to give it if they are stopped by the cops…otherwise they will get to wear a number for a month.

I could see why three of the names are constructs; the people are in public service and may wish to separate what they write or show from their professional work. This also applies to one other contact who lists a real name but no profile picture – his profession would frown on publicity, as it would on alcohol or adultery. Mine did, but I suspect that has all changed…

Several of the shy contacts who have made clever acronyms or puzzles of their real names are in their turn puzzling. I know them personally as fine and intelligent people who have nothing in their lives to be ashamed of. I can only guess at their fears of being identified in a crowd…but wonder that they would wish to participate in a global advertising billboard nevertheless. If you don’t want to be seen, don’t come out from behind the sofa.

Two attach their names to a business or club, and I can see that as a bit of promotion – if we know them we know they are genuine, and if we seek them it will be through an external organisation.

Numbers? Well a total of 21 out of 254 are hiding behind some form of mask. Their choosing, and none of them are doing it for the purpose of train robbing, so I guess that’s okay. But I am going to scrutinise future vessels I meet to see if they are actually flying their own flag.

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