Human Relationships And How To Sink Them

We used to have relations. There were parents, children, uncles, cousins, and all the rest…they were your relations.

Then ” relations ” got to mean something different and when you had them you checked afterwards for rashes or pregnancies. Now apparently we have relationships and they can be nearly anything you care to invent. Anyone can be in a relationship, though whether that is on the bridge or down the engine room is not specified.

When I’m told about this sort of thing I go blank. My mind might be racing but you can’t tell it from my face. I simply wait for more details…but secretly don’t really want to know. When you know, you can’t un-know. And some relationships sound like they should be put into quarantine and then burnt to the waterline.

I have often been asked whether I am in a relationship, but I’m never sure what to say. I go and ask my wife ( 49th wedding anniversary just gone this month ) and she tells me what to say. Often she is uncertain. We ask our daughter and she is reduced to rolling her eyes and throwing things at us until we leave the room.

This human relationship thing can be a floating minefield.

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