If You Would Be Moral, Remember To Keep The Blinds Drawn

Otherwise you frighten the whorses.

I am as moral as the next chap, provided he is not Queensland minister for roads or a famous pop star. I have not been jailed, yet, and even if I do get caught, I have a Monopoly card to get back out again. But I would not be publicly moral for love nor money…even at a discount.

Public morality – the visible demonstration of virtue and goodness – attracts the wrong sort of people; either the ones who want to jeer at you or the ones who want to join you. Both are worse than each other.

The publicly moral feel themselves entitled to do the most appalling acts. Just this week I read of censorious parents in some Maryland or Pennsylvanian school district who were planning a public book burning of titles in their children’s’ school libraries that offended them. The kiddies were to check the book out so mummy and daddy could fling them on a public bonfire…if caught, the parents were going to pay for the texts.

It begs any number of questions:

a. Have the parents never seen the shameful images of public book burning by the nazis and fascists in the 30’s?

b. Do they wish to appear in this light?

c. Does their local police department or council sanction such an affair?

d. Ditto the local religious authorities…bet it goes down a treat at the schul.

e. What books are on the shelves of a children’s school that could give rise to such hatred?

If this be public morality, cry havoc and let loose the dogs of vice. I like a good vice, and have a 3 1/2 inch Stanley bolted in my workshop.

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