When You Don’t Get No Respect

Either you wither on the vine or you use it for a comedy catch line – as Rodney Dangerfield did.

Either way, you’d be better off if you DID get respect – your life would be sweeter and you would be a happier person.

Home, work, or social group disrespect is one of the great breakers of the soul. It never occurs unperceived or forgotten – the victim and the perpetrators retain the memory of it forever. And if it is not corrected, it just continues to feed itself for the future.

If someone genuinely diss’s you – I say genuine as opposed to the friendly banter of mates – reject it right away. Call them out for it and refuse to accept it. Be better than they – do not do it in return, but tell them that they are wrong to do it in no uncertain terms.

Standing up for yourself is neither a sin nor a crime – if you can do it with humour you rise in everyone’s estimation…including yours.

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