It’s All Just A Dirty Plot…

And I know who’s behind it. Me.

Potato Harvest Day has arrived – rather like a holiday, but with mulch. The day I get to dig under the potato plants for my presents.

The potatoes did very well this time – they started out as 4 slightly sprouty ones from the pantry that were cut into thirds and then planted evenly in the loose soil. The dirt has had various lifters and shifters put into it at various times so it’s not just West Australian sand. And there is a trickle drip that does something twice a week – the rest has been seasonal rains and regular sunshine.

I did google up the best time to lift the crop – when the flowers had come and gone and the leaves started to wither a bit. This year we had no troubles with caterpillars or snails, but that was just good luck – there was no pesticide put on these plants.

Result? The bucket contains 124 potatoes – about the same proportion as last crop. The really tiny ones will participate in a potato salad tonight with hard-boiled eggs, bacon bits, and dill pickle. The mediums will boil up over the next few weeks and next time we have a roast, the large ones will be called forth.

And yes, the bed is turned over, had some potting mix added, and there are 12 more sprouty bits out there waiting for the starter’s gun. I googled the difference between seed potatoes and the store ones and found that the bagged ones can be washed with sprouting inhibitors, But if they have decided to spout anyway and have overcome that first barrier, they are hardy candidates for the bed.

One bed candidate could not care less…

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