The Best Pension In The World

I don’t get a pension from our Government. At least not yet, and I am in no hurry to achieve enough poverty – real or sham – to qualify.

I do, however, get a bonus payment from the universe every few years – a new subject will crop up that takes my interest and powers me along. In the past these things have frequently been moderately expensive…now I respond to the cheaper stimuli. Surprisingly, they are just as satisfying as the costly ones.

This gift is often unexpected, though I can see in retrospect where it may have started years ago. My current interest in the making of short videos is probably related to the time in the 1960’s when I had an 8 millimetre camera…and you could get film and processing. My efforts then were woeful because I had no story to tell and no-one to tell it to. Now I know any number of actors and dancers and they always want to be filmed. As well, there are free internet platforms that cry out for footage. It will just be a matter of learning the technicalities of editing and exporting.

When you get older, you can get into a circular rut…seeing everything you do as a mere repeat of past experience. Often it is a poorer quality time, and you can get sad over any decline you encounter.

All the better, then, to find something new. Whatever you do will be rewarding on some level, and you don’t have odious comparisons to fight against.

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