Do Followers Make You Successful?

Or nervous?

When I was pursuing a hobby a few years ago I found myself in the position of telling local hobbyists about an overseas event – then going to it with 5 other Australians – then bringing the idea of it back home with me. The hobby burgeoned and a number of people joined in. I was perforce the leader without much ability to lead.

Circumstances changed and I realised that the group would be far better served by a genuine leader who had experience doing for real the very thing we were playing at. I was grateful when he could take over and relieve me of the responsibility…and I think the group benefited from this.

Fast forward to the business of gaining followers on social media or a readership for my essays. Now there is less personal pressure but more complexity in the mechanism of publicity. And a basic question; what benefit is gained with an extensive fame? I sell nothing, so cannot make money by the art. I hear little feedback, so can depend upon little in the way of praise. The best I can do is tell the truth…or lie outrageously…and hope that it amuses me.

How will I know if I am successful in this? I can only like and subscribe to me so many times…

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