Give A Good Name…

It is almost a cliché to pan the Motor Vehicle Department of any state in any western nation – and it can sometimes be totally unjust.

I recently went to our local department’s regional office here in Western Australia. I was notified that my 5-year driver’s licence was up for renewal – though they didn’t want any money from me this time. I was staggered at this as most government departments want more money all the time. I put it down to either my age or my good looks.

The office is in a shopping centre complex that is as appealing as a blocked drain, but if you go early in the day the queues might be shorter. Worth a try – I set my sights on 9:00.

There were no queues – A door greeter cheerfully directed me to an empty counter where an equally cheerful clerk checked my papers against a computer, rubber stamped something and stapled my new licence to the notice. It was Wham, Bam, and I thanked the lady and left. I’ve waited longer in a doughnut line.

My compliments to the department for making what is a standard joke into a kindly experience.

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