When It All Works Well…

Break it.

This would appear to be the philosophy behind many of the civic plans that involve road traffic. I went out for a birthday dinner one evening to a local shopping centre restaurant. We parked a stone’s throw away from the front door, enjoyed our meal, and drove home safely. So far so good.

Now there is a rumour that there has been a plan that would ban all cars from the shopping centre in favour of public transport. If true, this would ease the work burden on the restaurant staff considerably as people stay home or go elsewhere.

We all dislike long traffic queues and jams, but when there are none, the thought of banning motor vehicles is ludicrous. In particular, shops that need to have their customers haul purchases home will need motor transport and parking more than ever.

In a state the size of Western Australia the business of cramming and banning is pure nonsense. A shopping centre will draw patrons from an area commensurate with its actual value as a supply hub, and no bigger. Leave the thing alone and supply and demand will regulate it.

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