Fight! Fight! Fight!

Let’s all make a circle on Facebook and watch ’em slug it out. You keep an eye out for teachers…

The temptations of Facebook are remarkably similar to those of the school playground; time away from work, a chance to be with your mates, and the occasional chance at the swings. No wonder some people succumb.

The school yard fight is one playground activity I never relished. I was never a winner – whether the opponent was a single bully or a pack of them. I should not wish to participate in one now, and the analogous flame war on social media is even less attractive. When you got punched on the playground in the old days the pain and shame were confined to the moment – it was not preserved and shared around the world.

So I avoid fights that I can see developing. The ones that are deliberately set up to get as many clicks and outraged responses as possible are nothing more than a scam. You can see the wording of the trap as soon as it approaches on the feed, and you are wise to just let it roll on past. Any argument that has over 50 responses is a staged affair.

The small vicious ones that pop up instantly can be tempting to follow, but a kind heart or a philosophical mind will ignore them. People have moments, and sharing their foolish ones is all very well, as is sharing the sad, mad, or bad moment. but remember that you have these episodes too. And when you roll all those possibilities into one, you ask yourself to swallow a pill that may have more poison in it than your system can stand. Be sensible and look away. If necessary be super-sensible and run away.

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