The $ 25 Lunch Combo

Say what?

$ 25.00 for lunch is too much money to pay for nourishment. Even if you are the Sultan of Brunei with the munchies, you need to look at what you are doing and wonder at the folly of it.

You may need lunch – I do not, but I am a person who functions well on one meal a day. You might have a more rigorous job than I and need the physical fuel to do it. I do not begrudge you the lunch. But you can do it for far less money than that.

You say that’s the price the pub charges? Well, don’t eat in the pub. There are cheaper places than pubs in every part of town – and many of them provide better nourishment.

How about bringing your food from home? Are you too proud to eat from a Tupperware container or a lunch box? Is your pride making you a poorer person?

Look, work a week and buy that lunch every day as an experiment. 5 x $ 25 is $ 125. Look about you and see what $ 125 can buy besides burgers and beer. You could have that if you took an egg salad sandwich and an apple and you could even stretch to a couple of cookies and a thermos of coffee and be well inside the sawbuck and fin.

Note to self: tonight’s dinner will cost $ 24 but serve three people, and will serve them again tomorrow. And no-one goes hungry or gets sad.

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