You May Never Be A Skydiver…

Nor a mountain climber, nor a person who rides sharks bareback. But you can be the complete adventurer with one purchase…

A home haircut set.

Your reasons for this can be many; economy, pride, folly. Whatever your impetus, I suggest you yield to it and go buy that set. Then find the most competent member of your family, a kitchen chair, and a tablecloth.

Sit on the chair in the garage or out on the patio. Wrap the tablecloth about yourself. Hand the clippers to the family member and prepare for the experience.

In my case the model I sought was simple – and Air Force recruit’s buzz cut. I have had them from many barbers and with a balding head, they are a good way of resetting the mechanism every two months or so. My previous barber has gone strange and I determined to do the thing at home, if at all possible.

My new barber is my old daughter. Women are naturals for hairdressing and will put up with far more trouble and expense than would we men. They also take a genuine interest in the sport – and if you let them have their head as well as yours, they will style you until your follicles scream. You can take it as gospel that there is nothing that they have not had done to themselves in a hairdresser’s salon, and there is nothing they will quail from doing in their turn.

My experience was a longer process than it might have been in the professional barbershop, but in the end the result looks very much the same. I am delighted as well as denuded. The cost of the haircut set will be recovered in about 4 months and then it is all profit.

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