The Choices

If you were an Air Force pilot charged with the destruction of the enemy, would you choose to swoop upon them in a Thunderbolt or a Tornado armed with rockets and bombs, or would you ask for a Tiger Moth and a revolver?

Pretty simple choice, really. But what if you were required to buy your own plane and ordnance? Would considerations of economy sway you?

Wartime and government service is an example of suspension of economy, so these questions may not really be fair…let’s try again.

If you need to recruit your strength for daily life by eating and drinking, would you choose the finest and most expensive fare or something simpler and cheaper. The end result of both sorts of cuisine – continued activity and bodily waste – is much the same whichever price you pay. Do you benefit in any way from the dearer choice?

I’m drawn to these speculations as I drive on the local roads each day. I see many large and fine vehicles that either dwarf or surpass my own small sedan. Yet for every one that bustles by beyond the speed limit, I meet two more waiting at the next set of lights and am in their company for most of the journey.

I am neither hot nor cold, parched nor starved in my little car. I do not suffer road shocks and the only rain that falls on me does so when I foolishly forget to wind the window up. I carry all that I wish and go where I will, and at a reasonable price in petrol, oil, tyres, and insurance.

How much more reward, and from whom would I get it, should I be driving the giant luxury SUV or snarling race car? What would three times the price of my car buy me?

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