Do You Have A Hobby, Mister?

Yep. You’re reading it.

This is a web log column. A blog. A series of essays typed on my computer and displayed on yours – along with advertisements for whatever someone else wants you to buy. I have no say in those advertisements and, quite frankly, I don’t care if you buy anything at all – I’m not selling stuff.

Oh, wait. That’s not strictly true – I am selling one thing: thought. I sell you mine for nothing and you start doing yours for the same price. It is the sort of commerce that maddens Madison Avenue, as they can have no profit from it. Indeed, their profits may shrink, the more you think.

It is not always thus; thinkers devise plans that need money to accomplish. The honourable ones spend their own cash to succeed – the dishonourable ones spend someone else’s. This lessens their pain and increases their gain – they will have explained this to you in a meme in high school. Think of it as a time-share scheme for your bank account.

Wise thinkers – honourable again – devise plans that do not require money…or for that matter the lives and beating hearts of the populace. They use what they have or what Nature provides, and if they do not need to spend and do they save and don’t. Many successes are built on sweaty endeavour but just as many on chance and patience.

When you do not spend money you do not stimulate the economy…but you frequently stimulate your body and your mind. This again maddens the economists because they want to control you. When they don’t, they have the nervous task of controlling themselves, and with their own funds. It’s hard to be an authority on money when you have to be responsible about it.

So – read on. You can do this as long as I can, and neither of us need come to harm. Eventually the WordPress people will demand money from me and I’ll move the site to a paid page, but until then just ignore the advertisements.

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