Lonely People Start A Fight

Lonely, sad people start a fight when they know they’ll win.

Lonely, sad, stupid people start a fight when they know they’ll lose.

Wise people, on the other hand, avoid any fights. Whether something is an argument on the internet or a fistfight in the school yard, no good will come of it. The really serious ones that have knives, guns, and napalm are worth running a long way away from, if at all possible. Of course there are times when it is not possible to run, and then you just have to shoot the biggest thing you see as many times as you can.

I’m drawn to this by reading a Facebook post from someone I know that is both inflammatory and quite unnecessary. I suspect it’s succeeded beyond wildest ambitions and seems to be going along quite fiercely. It is certainly worthwhile not reading – I plan to spend my evening doing just this.

I understand that sometimes these things are a cry for help, but this can be done a lot better by crying ” Help! “. The people who respond to this can then provide it without snarling and beating on you.

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