Pre-Order For Delivery In The New Year

We’re not going to specify which new year. There are any number of them celebrated by different cultures in different places. If we are cagey, we can get your order…and possibly some of your money…and then supply the goods whenever they arrive without technically breaking faith.

Stop laughing, or start, if you’ve not begun. Then stop. This is exactly the case for many types of consumer goods right now. The global distribution network is in chaos and the manufacturing capacity in some areas severely restricted. This hasn’t stopped the design bureaus and the advertising departments from releasing new goods and then promoting them…but the factories may not be able to get the goods to you.

Should you commit to new technology when you can’t touch it? Depends on your faith and imagination, but remember that what is new and incapable of supply this year will be replaced by something newer and equally beyond reach in a few month’s time. You may wish to save your money and opt for a newer form of disappointment in 2022.

Keep up with the Joneses…don’t let them be frustrated and angry faster than you.

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