She Wasn’t All That Pleasant…

And it wasn’t all that bad…

But you probably want to talk about other things…like how to protect yourself against jealousy. You’ve come to the right place – I have been curing people of being jealous of me for years.

The emotion of jealousy is closely aligned with that of envy. I’ll leave you to look up the precise definitions in the dictionary, but in general one involves wishing you could be someone else and the other wishing you could have something else. The secret to coping with them is to stop either yourself or someone else from wishing.

The best wish-quencher is to get it – the next best is to not get it. By far the greater number of happy people have been made so in the last circumstance than in the first. Getting what you wish for conditions you to wish for more yet again. Not getting it can stop the process cold.

Romantic jealousy is often portrayed with daggers, flashing eyes, and long arias. Professional jealousy can be more subtle, but at a far higher cost. Artistic jealousy is the most intense. I have heard of dancers making absolute monsters of themselves to try to blight the careers and blot the reputations of their rivals. It rarely works – or shall we say it rarely works in the way it is intended. Reputations and careers suffer, but more often than not they are those of the people who stir up the trouble.

I have professional detractors, and have always had them. In my two previous careers I’m sure I stirred up feathers and ruffled hornet’s nests. Few of the controversies ever reached my ears and I can truthfully say that none of them ever disturbed my sleep or digestion. No-one I maligned was ever jailed for it, though one chap did go to prison for unrelated offences. It was in another state and before I encountered him, or I would have called in on visiting days and brought him improving tracts.

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