No Is A Perfectly Good Word

And no is the answer to my last self-enquiry.

I will take my refusal in good heart – I won’t be making YouTube videos. I’ve looked at the degree of complexity required, calculating the amount of time that it would take to do the job decently…and concluded that it would place a strain upon my resources that could not be conveniently borne.

I sat and looked about me at the places I work and play – and did not think them bad for the project. I calculated the cost of lighting and other ancillaries and decided I could afford it. But then I looked at my own intellectual lifestyle ( And this is the first occasion that I’ve used that phrase. Pray it will be the last…) and realised I do not watch television any more. I barely watch YouTube presentations, and turn away from them in disinterest in many cases. If I am a visual person at all it is not moving vision.

I read. I look at still pictures. I do it slowly, and in detail. I drink cocktails slowly, and am coming to do many other things at the same pace. And my enjoyment of whatever I am doing is never less for time taken to do it.

When I communicate, on the other hand, speed makes me say things that prudence would keep silent, and I fear that if i were lured by the lens of a video camera – and the microphone attached – I’d say things that could not be recalled by me but would be remembered by others to my detriment. And I would be open to one more board of control in the YouTube organisation.

In other words I am going to take Will Rogers’ advice about never passing up an opportunity to shut up.

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