Do I Really Want To Start Making YouTube Videos?

I asked myself recently.

I almost said yes, as I could see an opportunity to talk uninterrupted for ten minutes at a time. As you get older you grow translucent, and then transparent, and people do not see you there. If they do, they do not talk to you…especially if you can do nothing for them. The YouTube idea might let me be seen on Earth once more.

But that would be for me – what would it be for others? A ten minute lesson? Ten minutes of political or religious rant? A stand-up comedy routine done sitting down? Eeeek.

Or a technical video – something to do with photography or scale models? This is much more appealing as it is closer to my passions than politics. And although there are many, many YouTube channels that feature this content, few of them do what I do exactly as I do.

Can I make videos? I’ll find out by trying some at dance shows and here at home on my workbench. I’m sure I’ve got all the equipment I need as far as cameras, microphones and tripods go, though I may need to get some light panels. All my studio gear up to now has been flash.

Will I get a big audience? Probably not, if the complexities of the business are too much. I do not market myself all that much. But maybe a few people will watch and have some fun.

I’ll let you, the readership, know if and when the project is started. You may want to take this opportunity to sell your computer and all screened devices just to protect yourself.

2 thoughts on “Do I Really Want To Start Making YouTube Videos?

  1. It’s worse when people don’t see you on YouTube though. Like being on a stage with an audience of three.


    1. I’ve been shown the error of my ways – or rather I’ve heard it. My voice is not equal to the task. I shall lurk and listen…and continue writing.


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