Authentic Disinterest

Authenticity is a big thing these days. It always was – even the fake stuff you used to get from the joke shop.

Being genuine is a good thing. Being good is a genuine thing. People can marry the two up to their benefit. Those who do, seem to have a kinder and more tranquil life.

However, consider that there may also be genuine things that are not so positive. Genuine disgust. Genuine malice. Genuine liver and lima bean smoothies. I bring up this last named as a warning – you’d bring it up too…

I am trying to give rein to authenticity in my life. I suspend it for the little scale model photographs I shoot, but even there I’m genuinely having fun – and innocent fun at that. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I also have come to recognise that while I can be quite genuine in taking an interest in things, I can be equally so in treating something with dis-interest. Some events I can be oblivious to and some I can see with no attraction. Both of these are clean emotions – no malice unless i introduce it.

It is a very freeing thought – as long as no-one tries to scold me for not having their same interests or thoughts, my own are a real haven.

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