When The Internet Is Down…

It’s 1985 at your house.

If you were alive in 1985 you did things that fed you, clothed you, cleaned you, and amused you – all without a computer screen. You talked to real people face to face or on a phone with a handset and cord. You read real books and magazines on real paper. You did real hobbies.

You even watched real television with really bad programs and lots of advertisements. The few people who scolded or bamboozled you on this screen were recognisable national figures and you had time between their huckstering and when the banks actually opened. You could cool off.

You may have had a hobby, or fifteen. Or a lover, or fifteen. In any case you did not need to stare at a screen and get mad or sad at the behest of some meme-writer. When your friends were witless pests they had to come round your house in person to do it.

SO…if the internet is down, as it was recently, what is to stop you from reverting to the more basic form of social life – and picking up all the genuine joys thereof. Try it. You’ll be surprised how nice 1985 was.

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