Shrodinger’s Lotto Ticket

I have a Lotto ticket on my computer desk that I received for Father’s Day.

I’m going to have to go past a newsagent and check it one day, but I’m not in a hurry. As it is it may contain a fortune…or not…but the only way to confirm it is to surrender the possibility that it does to the certainty that it does not. Having a cat in a box is child’s play compared to this.

My family were not big gamblers, nor am I. It was not morals or frugality as much as lack of opportunity. No-one was anywhere near a casino and no-one trusted the Irish Sweepstakes at all. The only gambling in the Canadian woods was in bunkhouses.

I have not come to it more even now i live in a Casino’d city. I do visit a gambling floor about every 5 years when there is some other reason to be in the place, but never go deliberately. I buy Lotto tickets for other people’s presents but never on a regular basis. I do not win, because I do not lose.

The money that might go to this gambling is also denied to the charities that feed off it. They must get some tax dollars from me, but in some hidden form.

Sad? Boring? Miserly? Not really. If I have no more interest in gambling than I would in sports I can suffer neither pangs nor lusts thereby. Those who live for it are welcome to it.

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