Listing To Starboard

Or port. Doesn’t really matter – as long as you write it down.

My life rarely needs so much organisation that a personal assistant need be employed. I don’t even use an electronic pocket one…a simple journal planner from the newsagent sees me though the year. Month by month I can plot out appointments, visits, and due dates for bills.

However, the journal is only a sketch of a month. Each day has some few necessary tasks and these are the job of the list.

Rarely running past a half-dozen items, it can be made in the evening to power the next morning. One sheet of paper with a., b., etc on it. Do the deed, cross it off, move down the page. When the day’s list is done every spare moment after can be spent in debauchery and sin. Or tea and biscuits.

If this sounds like fussy feeble-mindedness, I assure you it is not. The process of making the list is as importANT as planning a campaign and requires a good knowledge of time and distance. You cannot do a dozen things if you’ve only money and energy for six…but you can list the extra tasks in such a way that they form the basis of the following day. You need a careful control on your ambition to see items postponed deliberately. In some case they are put off until they need not or cannot be done, and you have a particularly frugal win.

Be careful and guard the list carefully from other members of the family. Some unscrupulous spouses or offspring may secretly write extra tasks on it. Some of them are remarkably adept at writing in your own hand.

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