Every Time I’ve Shut Up…

Lately I have had innumerable opportunities to be witty and clever. Some I’ve taken and some I’ve let go by. And when I analyse carefully what has occurred I come to one conclusion: every time I shut up early I did myself a favour.

In some cases I did this by refraining sending out a message on social media. In some I trashed and deleted a column before anyone saw it. Other times I heard a great argument starting and just walked past it – deaf. And in every single case I ended up happier than if I had piped up.

This may be a flaw in me, but I can’t say whether it is one of overweening ambition or craven cowardice. Either way the number of fights I’ve not been in and the number of enemies I’ve not made make it a good policy for the future.

If you see me lurking and wonder at my silence, be assured it is philosophy – not laryngitis.

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