The Queen Is 879 Years Old

I, for one, admire Her Majesty for bearing the weight of her years with such grace.

Those people who insist that her age is well under this – indeed that she is not entitled to a telegram from herself for some time – forget that the British Commonwealth ( BE II ) ages her all the time. Not in a mean way – they do so so out of a sense of affection and utility.

What? Because every blessed state in Australia, every province of Canada, every island of New Zealand ( and they have more than one…) has declared a day in the year to be the Queen’s Birthday. Sometimes they have an Honours List and sometimes they have an agricultural show and sometimes they just have a television panel of pseuds telling us how we should not have a monarch…but they all have a different day for it.

It is, of course, an excuse to gazette a public holiday for sectarian purposes. None of the major superstitions can claim it as a holy day and then frown on their competitors. The pubs can make money and the shop assistants can get extra pay. The rest of us can sit around and do nothing ( if we are employed ) or get busy if we are retired.

I’m not sure what the Queen does. Probably blows out candles on a cake and not much else. Heckuva lot of cake in a year, but.

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