Out On The Town

Is where I do not like to be. And in hindsight, I can understand why.

As a child, I had a home to go to.  Within a series of houses, house trailers, and apartments, to be sure, but always populated by my mother, father, and me. We were rarely separated and almost never entirely so. Even when my dad went to work in a different city or construction camp, I was at home with my mom, and we were re-united at the earliest possible opportunity.

I was at home part of every day, and certainly every night. I rarely had sleepovers at other friend’s houses and even when I did they were nervous affairs. But I was not unhappy at home. I had books, toys, model kits, radio, and a workshop to play in. And a daily order of things – meals, study, bath, playtime, and bed – that was probably pretty carefully mapped out by my mother. She needed time off from me.

So home was where the good stuff was…the comforting stuff. The food and the play and the love and the comfort. I always wanted a stable home town and didn’t get it due to the nature of my dad’s work, but I always had a stable home.

Which is why I have a home now that is in one town…the same house now for 35 years…and I keep my food and toys and radio and workshop in it. If I go out on a Saturday night I leave the comfort and venture into the discomfort. Sometimes it is worth it for entertainment or social contact, and sometimes it isn’t. Weather and traffic play a large part in any decision to go or stay and the price of external food or fun is also a major turn-off. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve declined a chance to get a good, but expensive, meal or coffee at a restaurant in favour of a cup of Nescafe and a cheese sandwich here at home on my return. The $ 40 the pub would charge me was the barrier.

The interesting thing is that when I am on holiday I can do the restaurant or the pub during lunch as a necessity. I can go all day with the shopping or seeing. and I can eat dinner at wherever the opportunity presents. However, I find the hotel or accommodation welcome after sunset and I seem to try to make a little home scene of my room or suite. If it seems silly or unsophisticated, well, that is the result of a well – ordered life.

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