There Generally Isn’t.

And I can’t say I would want there to be.

I have a seniors card here in Perth. It lets me travel for free on the bus and train within certain hours – I believe it is 9:00AM to 3:00PM and then from 7:00PM onwards until the morning rush hour begins. It’s been structured that way to let the crush of commuters go to work and come home again without us old folks on the transport. There may be times when we need to use it during the cattle crush. But…

There generally isn’t.

When I use the card to go downtown, I can go to offices, agencies, and institutions. I can go to shops. I can go to cinemas. I can do all the things that busy participation in modern life require of me. Strive, work, gain, buy, sell, consume. There may be a real need to be met. But…

There generally isn’t.

To do these bustling activities I need to pay attention to the advertisements and exhortations. I need to be up-to-the-minute with public affairs and the latest pronouncements from the internet. I need to need the rush of info-drenalin that can be accessed for $ 89.00 per month on Plan B. I need to find the latest repetition of something I heard in 1953 rivetting. But…

I generally don’t.

I’d be the first person to admit that I would make a very poor public person. I could not serve in federal or state parliament. I could not be part of the local council. I struggled to attend staff meetings when I was on some sort of staff or AGM’s when I was not. I walked out of the last public dinner I attended when the dessert was finished and before the speeches began. I would have stayed if there was any real purpose to it. But…

There generally wasn’t.

Laziness? Social ineptitude? Misanthropy? I certainly hope so. At my time of life I need to have goals to work toward, rather than regret.

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